effective August 1, 2017

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Full training: $700. a month, plus board ~ based on 20 training sessions per month.

Half Training: $450. a month, plus board ~ based on 12 rides per month.

Single training rides for horses not in full or half training: $50. a session.


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A training session may be a training ride (Katrin working with the horse) or an owner lesson.

A training session generally lasts 45 to 60 minutes. Horses are not machines, and it’s important to quit every session on a good note, so some sessions may be a little shorter or longer than others.

I want to be fair to my clients. I can’t promise you that your horse will be a superstar in the show ring, though some of the horses I’ve worked with have done well there, often against expectations. I do promise you that I will do what is in my power to make your horse a happier athlete and better riding partner. In spite of this, circumstances beyond my control sometimes keep me away from the barn. If I miss training sessions with your horse because of inclement weather, illness, emergencies, or other issues, you will not have to pay for them.

Clinic rates: $60. per rider, 5 riders minimum ~ plus travel expenses.