Katrin is truly an expert rider, trainer, and instructor.  She makes every rider and every horse feel special.

She will get you unstuck, guide you through breakthrough learning moments, and convince you that you can do it.  Katrin is encouraging, thoughtful, positive, and wants you and your horse to succeed.  Every lesson with Katrin feels like a good workout with a professional who wants you and your horse to be in the best shape possible.

I’ll be forever grateful to Katrin for giving my rescue pony a second chance.  She made Molly feel like she was as special as all of the fancy horses at the barn and gave Molly a great start to a strong healthy life.   I was so impressed with Katrin’s ability that I also had her start my Morgan for me.  She had a quick read on Delite and masterfully put all the foundational pieces in place.   I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

You will simply feel inspired to do your best and try your hardest when you are around Katrin Silva!

Leslie K.

Katrin Silva has worked with me and several of my horses over the years. Her eagerness to nurture every horse — whether warmblood, thoroughbred, quarter horse or mustang — with equal regard distinguishes Katrin from other trainers. Katrin’s experience, commitment and consistency provide horse and rider with the confidence and knowledge to succeed in or out of any equine arena and discipline as they move forward in their riding careers.

It is Katrin I credit for much of my satisfaction while in the saddle. Grab any opportunity to work with this amazing woman and trainer!

Lisa O.

Katrin, I am so heartened by your perspective and your wonderful instruction. As you know, I have spent over a decade working with Parelli Natural Horsemanship, which is entirely based on the premise of horse-human partnership. I had become so dis-heartened by what I saw in horse training that in desperation I resorted to PNH and what an amazing journey of understanding and communicating horses it has been! Because of the huge prejudice I kept encountering regarding Parelli, I basically isolated myself from the New Mexico ‘horse world’. I am thrilled to have found a kindred soul to work with in furthering my riding skills that is totally in alignment with the principles I have learned from the Parellis … respect for the horse!

Mahara D.

I have known Katrin for over 20 years and have had her help me with multiple horses. I first met her when she was an assistant trainer of western show horses. She worked to convert me from barrel racer to show rider while working several of my horses to be show horses. I immediately loved her patience and care with both me and the horse. She has intuitive knowledge about how to develop “feel” for each and every horse – a master of communication for both horses and riders. Over these years I have furthered my riding (I hope) while getting coaching, instruction and encouragement from Katrin. Same for my horses – they love her. Her work ethic is unlimited but always fair to horses and riders. I have never seen her strike, spur or demean any horse, but she can be “German” determined when necessary. She can push us to go a step beyond comfort but always with a gentle hand and/or kind words. Katrin becomes a friend as much as a trainer/instructor and coach. She is a fair and trustworthy business woman respecting the dignity of riders and horses. Riding with Katrin is fun, motivating and a bargain in this business where the rich are favored by the power of their purses. Katrin is an exceptional horse trainer, riding instructor and showing coach that I would recommend for anyone looking to advance/broaden their horses’ skills and/or their own riding abilities. She is not judgmental about the skills of any horse or rider as she is willing to try to help all levels – a true horse kindred spirit.

Julie W.