Training & Lessons

Investing in training for your horse can take your partnership to the next level.

I enjoy helping horses of all breeds develop into the best version of themselves. Sometimes, they become show horses. I have competed successfully through 4th Level Dressage on Morgans, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Andalusians, Paints, and others. However, my dressage-based training also benefits horses with different careers, from reining, ranch riding, and endurance riding to trail riding. They all learn to become happier, more balanced athletes.

Dressage concepts are the foundation of my training: trust, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, and eventually collection. I find that these principles help any horse reach its fullest potential.

Most horses I work with are not dressage horses in the traditional sense, but they all respond to dressage-based work in a positive way. Uncoordinated horses become more balanced. Crooked horses become straighter. Tense horses become more relaxed. Distracted horses become more focused. Anxious horses become more confident. And yes, plain horses become more beautiful.

I not only work with many different types of horses – I also work with many different types of people, from dressage riders to western riders, endurance riders, and trail riders.

Rather than teaching any particular style of riding, I focus on the common ground between different traditions.

What unites us all is our desire to communicate better with our horses, which is so much more important than what divides us.

I find that most elements of good riding are the same across the disciplines:

-an effective seat,



-correct aids.


This is what focus on in my teaching. In addition, I believe that riders, just like their horses, are athletes. When I am not riding horses, I compete in ultra-marathon running events. If you’d like to improve your strength, endurance, or general fitness level in order to become a better rider, I can help you do that.

I believe that a positive atmosphere is important in training and teaching. Horses can’t learn anything when they feel apprehensive, tense, distracted, intimidated, or insecure. Neither can riders.


I believe that a good teacher empowers her students.

My goal is to create competent, confident horse-human connections.