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Katrin Silva Western Dressage
Katrin Silva Dressage



Understand your horse and help your horse understand you. 

Dressage Santa Fe NM
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Understand your 
horse and help your 
horse understand you

Horseback Riding Santa Fe
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Get your specific questions answered without leaving home

Western Riding Santa Fe
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Learn in a dynamic, supportive setting. Find community with like-minded people

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Video Consultations

About Ride with Feel

Many horse enthusiasts think of feel as something beyond the reach of average horsemen and horsewomen. Feel, they believe, is a special talent some people are born with, while most of us have to learn to ride without it. But this is a myth. Feel is something anyone can develop, with enough practice, on the right kind of horse, in the right kind of setting, with the right kind of guidance from the right kind of teacher. You, too, can learn to be a feeling rider. To find out how, and why, check out my book Ride With Feel: A Guide for the Rest of Us.

Ride with Feel Katrin Silva Book

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Katrin Silva Western Dressage Santa Fe
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