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The Team

Dr. Joanna Zattiero  

Associate trainer Dr. Joanna Zattiero has worked for and with me since 2019. She is a life-long horsewoman and successful endurance rider who grew up on a horse farm in Idaho and learned to ride before she could walk. While horses were always Joanna’s main passion, she is also a musician, educator, and researcher, with degrees in saxophone performance, music history, and musicology. She is excited to deepen her knowledge of dressage principles and to share her expertise in helping horses become well-rounded athletes both in and outside of the arena. Joanna enjoys teaching riders of all ages and skill levels.


In her spare time, Joanna designs musical freestyle routines in classical and Western dressage, which allows her to combine her musical and equestrian talents.

Associate trainer Dr. Joanna Zattiero

Hannah Weybright

Assistant trainer Hannah Weybright is an avid, life-long horsewoman who has become particularly captivated by wild horses. She considers herself a ‘perpetual student of the horse’, and is passionate about contributing to an empathetic paradigm shift in the equine community by implementing scientific-informed, ethical horsemanship practices. 

Assistant trainer Hannah Weybright
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