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Video Consultations

What Do You Need?


•   Do you need unbiased feedback about where you and your horse are right now?

•    Are you wondering where to go from here?

•   Are you wondering what you and your horse are capable of?

•   Are you considering a new horse?

•   Are you questioning whether your horse is the right partner for you?


I offer honest, detailed evaluations of horses and horse/rider combinations, anywhere. No conflicting interests - please know that I do not buy horses, sell horses, or take any form of sales commission on any horse. Ever.

western training video consultations
dressage video consulations

The Process is Simple


1. Send ( email or text) me a short (10-minute or so) video.  

2. Send me a brief description of what’s in the video, including:

  • Horse’s age, breed, and training history

  • Rider’s background and experience level

  • Questions you would like answers to

3. Schedule a follow-up Zoom or phone call  (plan to spend about 45 minutes on this) Email Katrin Silva to schedule your follow up call. 

2. Pay below

3. Receive detailed, personalized, one-on-one feedback and recommendations.

Pay $75 for a one-hour consultation here.

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