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Logistics & Pricing

Classical Dressage Training Santa Fe


  • A training session may be a training ride (Katrin working with the horse) or an owner lesson, or a combination.

  • A training session generally lasts around 45 minutes. Horses are not machines, and it’s important to quit every session on a good note, so some sessions may be a little shorter or longer than others.

  • I can’t promise definitive results. I can and will promise you that I will do what is in my power to make your horse a happier athlete and better riding partner. 

  • Circumstances beyond my control sometimes keep me away from the barn. If I miss training sessions with your horse because of inclement weather, illness, emergencies, or other issues, you will not have to pay for them.


Horses in Full or Half Training will receive top notch boarding care at Thal Equine.  Contact Katrin for more information.


  • Full training (16 sessions a month or more):  $50 a ride or lesson

  • Half training (10 -15 sessions per month): $60 a ride or lesson

  • Once a week or fewer training rides or lessons: $70 each

  • Private lessons for horses not in a program: $75

  • Semi-private lessons (2-3 people): $45

  • Clinics: contact me for more information

  • Video consultations: $75

  • Trailer-in fee for horses who do not board at Thal Equine: $20/ride or lesson


*All Fees except the trailer-in fee are plus 7% New Mexico gross receipts tax or Contact Katrin for more information.

Horseback Riding Lessons Santa Fe
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