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Katrin Silva Clinics Western Dressage

Teaching is My Passion


I enjoy helping horses and riders find their way to a better partnership, anywhere in the world, at any level, in any type of saddle.


I believe that learning happens when students, teachers, and horses trust each other. We can only learn when we’re focused, but relaxed. We can’t learn when we’re stressed, anxious, distracted, frustrated, tense, or scared. This means: if we want to progress, there is no room for intimidation or raised voices. There is no place for snarky comments.


I will help you become the best version of yourself, in a positive, mutually respectful atmosphere.

I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge and resourcefulness to identify and solve problems.  She assisted all levels, making everyone feel comfortable, and had a keen eye to analyze root issues and bring a creative solution.


Katrin maintained a quiet and effective energy all day, even in the face of unexpected weather challenges.  Her focus was always making things

better for the rider and horse.”

Landi Moore, Indiana

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