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Ride with Feel Katrin Silva

Ride With Feel: A Guide for the Rest of Us


The concept of feel can sound like a mystery-filled holy grail to many riders. I’ve heard a couple of clinicians say, or imply, that their students will never have feel, that they can’t hope to ever reach this level of horse-human connection. I’ve also heard these students agree with the assessment that feel is reserved for those select few with natural talent for working with horses. Feel then becomes something elusive that those who lack it will never grasp. Many of us believe that we just have to accept our place in the horse universe as riders with limited potential.


This is a story told so many times by so many people that it sounds true. But it isn’t. I certainly was not born with feel, or with any natural talent for connecting with horses. But over time, and through the right kind of experience, I learned how to feel. You can, too. Feel is something anyone can develop, with enough practice, on the right kind of horse, in the right kind of setting, with the right kind of guidance from the right kind of teacher. So, don’t believe the story. Don’t drink that Kool-Aid. You, too, can learn to be a feeling rider. To find out how, and why, check out my book Ride With Feel: A Guide for the Rest of Us.

Dressage for All of Us


The benefits of dressage are available to you right here, right now. You can tap into them without selling the horse you already own and love or throwing out the tack you already use. At its core, dressage is a way of riding that can make all types of horses more athletic, more beautiful, and ultimately happier. Regular dressage practice keeps horses sound longer and makes them easier to ride. Dressage is not the exclusive domain of horses with long, German-sounding pedigrees. The opposite is true: dressage is good for every horse, no matter which breed, size, age, or background.

Dressage is about much more than getting high scores in the show ring. It is about helping your horse become a more relaxed, focused athlete. If you could have the opportunity to compete on a talented horse, by all means go for it! It’s a challenging journey. I wish you lots of success, but there are many books, videos, clinics, and trainers who will help you get there. This book is for the rest of us - for trail riders, endurance riders, western riders. It’s for riders who may find the word “dressage” and everything around it intimidating. It’s for riders who love the horse they already have and are looking for a way to help that horse become the best version of himself. This book is for riders who don’t necessarily want to stop doing what they’re doing with their horse, but still look for a way to reap the benefits of dressage. If this sounds like you, Dressage for All of Us is for you.

Dressage for All of Us Katrin Silva
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